About The Shirt

The Zip Fit shirt was created to address three common problems with button downs:

#1: The Bratwurst Effect

In 2022 the traditional baggy button down is a non-option. Fitted shirts are a vast improvement, but present an entirely new problem: because they fit closer to the body, they tend to pull open around the buttons, making you look like an overstuffed sausage. We call this The Bratwurst Effect. The Zip Fit shirt (US Patent no. USD775,457 S) solves this problem by placing a zipper behind the placket.   

US patent no. US D775,457 S - Worldwide patents pending


#2: The Athlete's Dilemma 

Most shirt brands cater to as many body types as possible, leaving athletically built guys in limbo.  Because they are bigger across the chest and slimmer in the waist, their shirts will either fit perfectly in the chest but be too baggy in the waist or will fit in the waist, but stretch too tight across the chest.

To address this dilemma we studied the archetypal male form, found the ideal ratio between shoulders, chest, waist and hips and built our shirt around it. In doing so we discovered something pretty radical: When your shirt is shaped like an athlete, you look like one. 


#3: Travolta Collar 

Solution: The Stay-up CollarUsing a standard collar stay, we created a patent pending interlocking system that keeps the collar upright by anchoring it to the collar stand.  If you prefer a more relaxed look or want to wear a tie with your shirt, the collar can be worn traditionally, and the stay is removable for laundering.    

Zip Fit is a registered trademark of Teddy Stratford. US patent no. US D775,457 S worldwide patents pending


The Zip Fit in the Real World

For sizing and fit reference 

To submit a photo email: [email protected]


5'9" / 165lbs

Empire Ottoman - Size 2



Black Twill- Size 3



Navy Wrinkle Free - Size 4



Light Blue Twill- Size 2


Teddy's $50 Wager

We bet that you’ll agree that your Teddy Stratford shirt is the Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet.  If it isn't and you decide to keep the shirt, we will send you $50 immediately.  No questions asked.

This is not a money-back guarantee. We already have one of those here. 

We are well aware that you may have a few go-to shirts that fit you like they were tailor made (perhaps they were) and that “Best Fitted Shirt” is subjective and completely up to you.  We are also aware that you might be tempted to lie just to get a Ulysses S. Grant out of us. 

Frankly this is fine with us.  We want you to try our shirt because we think you will love it and order more.  

To claim your $50 email us:

[email protected]

Fine print: This wager is for new customers only and only applies to the first shirt. Customers using a promo-code with a discount of $30 or more are not eligible and shirts in our Warehouse Sale section aren't eligible. 

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US Patent No. US D775,457 S

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