Our Story

Watch how a traffic ticket in Bangkok led to the best fitted shirt on the planet.

When company founder Bryan Davis was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok, he noticed that the police officer's button down shirt fit him exceptionally well. Davis complimented the officer on his shirt and the cop gave him the location of the Royal Thai Police’s tailor. At the tailor he discovered the secret to the shirt’s fit: it zipped instead of buttoning, creating a closer fitting shirt without pulling open around the buttons. It turns out that police shirts all over the world have been made this way for decades.

Bryan took the shirt back to NYC where he partnered with master shirt maker Carl Goldberg (CEGO Custom Shirts), founded Teddy Stratford, and worked with his team to develop the Zip Fit™ shirt, perfecting what he originally discovered on a policeman’s back in Bangkok. 



Think of Teddy Stratford as your Tyler Durden. He is the idealized version of yourself. He is better looking and more well-traveled than you are. He speaks at least one more language and uses Google far less often than you do. He will beat you in poker and knows what to say to a cop to get out of a traffic ticket. He always gets the girl- or boy as the case may be- and doesn’t buy bottles to get into clubs. He shows up and finishes. He calls his mom. He is the carrot at the end of life's stick. 

But Teddy Stratford is you. He's who you are when you’re in the zone.  When everything that clouds your vision falls away and you can see the truth, that's Teddy Stratford. 

When doubt and indecision have you handcuffed, ask yourself, "What would Teddy Stratford do?" and then do it. It takes courage (and some luck) but the truth is freedom and freedom is inside all of us. You're welcome in advance.  


I look like you wanna look, I f**k like you wanna f**k, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I'm free in all the ways that you are not. –Tyler Durden